Live, Work & Play in South Africa – powered by The Expat Relocation Alliance

Take the leap with TERA - a range of solutions created from experience

  • Better Exchange Rates when sending Money to
    and from South Africa
  • Bank Accounts for Expats without Visa (incl. Cards and Online Banking)
  • Investment Accounts daily available with Interest Rates above average.
  • Tax-efficient Models for Properties that are rented out (even partially, AirBnB)
  • Safeguards for Repatriation of Capital sent to South Africa
  • Health and Hospital Plans for Expats without Late Joiner Penalties
  • Life Insurances
  • Retirement Annuities and Living Annuities
  • House, Household and Liability Insurance
  • Individual Travel Arrangement world-wide
  • Back-up Systems for Loadshedding and PV Solar Rooftop Systems
  • Access to European Food Products, Snacks and Sweets (Delivery within South Africa)
  • Access to Electrical Products and LED made in Germany (Delivery within South Africa)
  • Information about Legal Compliance in South Africa
  • Immigration Assistance (all Visa and Permits)
  • Draft of Last Will and Medical Power of Attorney as Foreign Documents are not valid
  • Traffic Registrations for Expats without Visa to purchase Car or Motorcycle
  • Import of Pets (Dogs, Cats, Horses … other)
  • Incorporation of Companies and Trusts in South and Southern Africa
  • Fiduciary Directors, Shareholders, Public Officers & Company Secretary
  • Cellphone Contracts instead of Prepaid
  • Shipping and Customs Clearing (internationally)
  • Tax Registrations, Tax Declarations, Payroll, VAT Returns & Balance Sheets