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Solutions for non-Residents in South Africa

As you visit South Africa on a Visitor Visa, be it on extended holidays or as a “swallow” spending each Summer abroad and in South Africa or having applied for the Permanent Residence Permit and still patiently waiting for residency, TERA helps you navigate the challenges you face during this time.

TERA enables you to make the most of your time without the legal and pragmatic frustrations you are facing, resolving the most common problems – whether you are already facing them, or whether they are foreseen, through sound and practical ADVICE, ASSISTANCE, and GUIDANCE.

South Africa has always, and will always be, a prime destination for international immigrants. But no matter if you intend to relocate in order to LIVE, to WORK or to PLAY, as a foreigner a variety of circumstances need consideration and very often preparation and the right assistance to make the experience of moving to a new home palatable, pleasant and therefore possible at all.

Expats find themselves facing a variety of issues that seem prima facie unsurmountable -

TERA is the Gateway

THE EXPAT RELOCATION ALLIANCE is THE gateway and YOUR first port of call as a foreigner intending to immigrate to South Africa. It has been established to link extraordinary professionals up with each other who are able to think out of the box and to provide solutions for any unresolved issue concerning immigrants today as well as to cut bureaucratic red tape and offer access to products and services that are normally reserved for Citizens and Permanent Residents only.

TERA Solutions